According to WHO, approximately 1.35 million road accidents are reported worldwide every year. Over 90% of those result due to human negligence. A large number of accidents can be prevented by following precautions provided in the owner’s manual. A technical approach in carrying out scheduled maintenance of the vehicle can save you from being a digit in WHO’s victims list.

Your life safety on the road solely depends on the serviceability of your vehicle. Northside Radiator and Auto Care offers the best servicing package, technically and economically to maintain your car on military level serviceability standards. We always use premium quality replacement parts during maintenance and never compromise on the skill level of our technical staff. As we know the vehicle in a road-worthy condition becomes mandatory when a human life is involved which could be either you or anyone else. In addition to life safety a scheduled maintenance also has other multiple benefits:- 

It keeps your vehicle up and running
It reduces pressure on your credit card
Adds value on re-sale
Gives peace of mind

Ignorance in taking care of servicing schedule of your vehicle might cause consequences. On the road, you are potentially as vulnerable as a burning match stick which can ignite the entire forest into blazes of fire. This kind of brazen attitude can plunge you down in a state of no escape. Apart from economic shock on your savings, a prolonged period of regretful nights is also waiting for you in case of fatal incident.

Scheduled Servicing

A scheduled servicing refers to maintenance that a vehicle undergoes after reaching a specified mileage or period of time, which one comes first. This type of servicing is also known as preventive maintenance. The term preventive elaborates that preemptive measures to be taken before any wear and tear occurs to major components of the vehicle. Northside Radiator and Auto Care  offers the best servicing for your car without bearing a huge load on your bank account. 

Replaceable Items during Scheduled Servicing are:-

  • Engine oil, brake oil, transmission oil and steering oil are replaced or top upped as per SOPs.
  • Rubber components like rubber bushes, washers, belts, wheel cups, wiper blades etc.
  • Ball bearings after completion of specified life cycle
  • Air filter, Fuel filter Oil filter, Hydraulic filter as per owner’s manual instructions
  • Glow Plugs, Spark plugs, high tension cords etc.
  • Cleaning of certain parts that are not accessible otherwise
  • Brake shoes, Brake leathers, Brake discs (in case of wear and tear beyond recommended gauge)
Components Need to Be Checked for Serviceability are:-
  • Accelerator, brake, clutch paddles, steering system after topping up of oils
  • Battery, Lights, air conditioner, horn, switches, dashboard warning lights, starter motor, charging alternator, Fuse box, Automatic Relays, Wiring, magnetic switches, Ignition system, ECU etc.
  • Radiator, hoses, coolant upper and lower hoses
  •  Oil lines metallic and rubber, fuel line, joints, tightening clips, etc.
  • Engine, gear box, chassis, Engine Mounting, Mounting Pads, Engine Housing, nuts and bolts for tightness, 
  • Joints, hinges and other external moving parts for lubrication or greasing
  • Anti-corrosion check
  • Interior cleaning and fixing in case of any wear and tear to seats, leather or plastic parts.
  • All Tires and a spare wheel for serviceability
  • Suspension system and Shock absorbers
Types of Scheduled Servicing

There are three types of scheduled car maintenance service. 

  1. Mini Servicing/ Daily Inspection. Daily inspection is the most important maintenance practice in order to avoid a big proportion of mishaps. This inspection is carried out by the user prior to the first start of the vehicle in a day. During this inspection multiple physical checks are carried out like:-
  • Check Car Radiator for coolant level
  • Check engine oil level with dip stick
  • Brake oil level and serviceability
  • Battery for serviceability and connection tightness
  • Internal and external lights
  • Tires for air pressure and spare wheel
  • Fuel level
  • Visual inspection of the vehicle for any leakage or seepage etc.
  1. Quarterly Servicing/ Minor Inspection. Quarterly maintenance is carried out after three months or on completion of specified mileage or which one comes first. This maintenance has detailed maintenance parameters as some components are subjected for replacement. This inspection consists of the inventory of jobs we discussed earlier yet some ingredients of the quarterly inspection are:-
  • Oil filter replace
  • Engine oil replace
  • In some cases air filter is also to be replaced.
  • Lubrication and greasing of external moving parts is also carried out during this inspection.
  1. Annual Servicing/ Major Inspection. As the name depicts this inspection is carried out on annual basis which includes every possible check, components replacement, all oils change. During this inspection the vehicle is critically inspected for all protocols to maintain the serviceability on the highest levels. 

Long Rout inspection does not fall into scheduled inspection yet the importance of this inspection is no less than those we discussed earlier. This inspection is carried out before travelling long routs to avoid any inconvenience during journey and to maintain the maximum level vehicle serviceability. Components of long rout inspection are almost the same as quarterly servicing except spare parts replacement. 

Inspection for Long Rout journey.

This inspection is carried out on special occasions. Whenever the vehicle is subjected to travel long distance, some special checks are mandatory to carry out before travel. This inspection includes:-

  • Topping up of all oils
  • Serviceability checks of battery, lights, wheels and spare wheel
  • Belts and rubber components for wear and tear
  • Dashboards Warning lights serviceability.
  • Brake system and transmission system