An efficient cooling system maintains temperature of the vehicle and keeps it from overheating. Engine converts Explosive Energy into motion which produces a massive amount of heat. This heat if not exhausted out of the system can cause serious breakdown to the engine. Therefore, the need of an efficient cooling system is imperative to uphold the working temperature of the engine. 

Servicing of cooling system is a complex process which needs special tools and expertise. It can extend from adding coolant in radiator to removal/ installation, welding of certain parts, anti-corrosion work and components replacement. Dashboard indications and changed engine sound are primary signals of radiator malfunction. Overlooking these signs can end up causing big disaster to passengers’ safety or debacle to the vehicle.

Vehicle’s cooling system is a composition of different elements to sense, monitor, and sustain the engine temperature within safe operating bracket. These components are:-

  • Radiator
  • Radiator Fan
  • Upper and lower hoses
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat valve
  • Coolant path in cylinder block

When it comes to opting for cooling system servicing of your car Northside Radiator and Auto Care masters the entire subject. We have covered many milestones in radiator servicing and repair since 1968. Our reputed servicing mechanism is capable of repairing the cooling system which includes:-

System flushing

Radiator repair

Radiator replacement in case of damage

Water pump change

Thermostat replacement

You might have noticed a sweetish “hot water” smell from the engine or steam coming from under the bonnet or, temperature gauge on your dashboard exceeding the green zone. All these symptoms are serious and should not be ignored. These are the signs when you need to reach out to a workshop to inspect the cooling system of your vehicle

Regardless of factors such as ambient temperature and operating conditions like road speed. Major derivations on either side of an engine ideal operating temperature can cause serious engine damage. It is critical that the cooling system is in premium condition to protect your vehicle from expensive breakdowns. Some of the collapses a cooling system may encounter are:-

  • Radiator Leakage
  • Radiator blocked
  • Radiator fan unserviceable
  • Radiator cap defective
  • Water pump defective
  • Corrosion in the system
  • Dirty or Burnt coolant
  • Wear and tear of rubber parts
  • Thermostat valve malfunction
  • Water temperature switch unserviceable
  • Faulty temperature gauge on dashboard



The coolant runs through the engine to absorb heat and exhaust it through radiator. This coolant contains antifreeze, which prevents the coolant from solidifying in cold temperature. Antifreeze is naturally acidic which can damage the fragile parts inside the engine. To prevent this damage corrosion inhibitors are added in to the coolants. These chemicals protect engine components from acid. Aluminum parts are especially vulnerable to this danger. The efficiency of coolant degrade over time and need replacement.

Checking coolant level in radiator, topping up the fluid if required, and observing dashboard warnings are steps you can take yourself to make sure the cooling system is working. Although the inspection of cooling system is an important segment of schedule servicing but sometimes it appears to be inefficient due to over running, weather impacts or components wear and tear. These signs of low performance indicate the vehicle needs a visit to repair shop otherwise these minor faults can lead to bigger damages if persisted.