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Suspension & Shock Absorbers Online

When you think of the performance of your car, do you think of torque, horsepower, and zero-to-100 acceleration?

Have you ever thought that all that power and acceleration is useless if you can’t control the car?Our online guide explains why shock absorbers and suspension systems are crucial for any vehicle performance.

The suspension in your car is designed to maximise the friction between your car’s tyres and the surface of the road. Your suspension provides you with steering stability, improved braking response, better handling and passenger comfort.

Of course, if all roads were perfectly flat with no potholes, grooves or distortions you wouldn’t need suspension. But roads are far from perfect even when freshly laid. That is why you need a different shock absorber for front and rear suspension.

This means your vehicle needs suspension to ensure its wheels remain in contact with the road.

When engineers look at vehicle dynamics they consider two key perspectives:

The Ride – how smooth a car is on a bumpy road
Handling – how a car safely brakes, corners and accelerates
Whilst these two characteristics are primary, there are three secondary principles engineers consider. These are:

Road Holding – the degree to which tyres remain in contact with the road
Road Isolation – the vehicle’s ability to absorb shocks
Cornering – handing to minimise body roll and weight transfer

Your car’s suspension addresses ride, handling, holding, isolation and cornering issues.

The suspension is part of the chassis which is positioned underneath the body of the vehicle. The chassis includes the following:

The Frame – structural support that holds the car’s engine
The Suspension System – this supports weight, absorbs shocks and helps tyres to remain in contact with the road
The Steering System – this guides and directs the vehicle
The Wheels and Tyres – They help grip the road

This online shock absorbers and suspension system guide explain the three main components of the suspension system. These are the springs, shock absorbers and anti-sway bars. All three components must be in good working order for your car to drive safely on the road.

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Just wanted to thank you Justin at Northside Radiators and Automotive...  Left my car to have new radiator, and a service to my Air Conditioner. All done without any fuss on time as promised. I have just been down the coast and back car is running like a charm and I enjoyed the comfort of the Air Con working as it should once again... I definitely recommend Northside Radiators and Automotive if you want the job done right, and on time, Justin is professional and goes that extra mile for his clients.... Support your local small Business

Robyn Smith


Fantastic customer service at a realistically fair price for quality workmanship.

Stephen Hammersley


Thanks to Justin for getting the old girl back on the road after an early morning collision with a roo. Justin gave a range of price options and excellent advice. Cheers!

Mark Galeano


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