Squeaky Brakes? Brake Servicing Is More Important than you Think

Brake failure has taken so much lives that citing a number would be worthless and the fear is still there. In the context of modern age innovations in automobile technology people’s lives wouldn’t have paid such a big toll if the car handlers would have taken care of obvious indications that the dashboard or other safety indicators show. To ensure optimum serviceability of the brake system Automobile Manufacturers recommend composite brake servicing every 10,000 to 12000 miles.

In most of the cases safety solely relies on brakes therefore, Automobile authorities spend a big portion of their intellectual resource on researches to make brake system more reliable. A well-established car dealer workshop also follows the same idea. Northside Radiator and Auto Care is designed on 100% serviceability concept to maintain vehicles on peak performance. Our trained manpower take care of servicing procedure and follows the pattern recommended by manufacturer’s manual. We only use cost-effective premium quality replacement parts to increase active On-Road life of the vehicle within expense limit of our customers.

Brake servicing is an important grid in maintenance format. Driving a vehicle with defective brakes can lead you to a situation you can’t imagine in normal circumstances. Although all brake defects are not actually dangerous but may be seriously annoying. When it comes to minor brake defects Squeaky brakes do not threat your safety but repair cost may jump high if persists for long. There are multiple reasons for brakes to produce squeaky noise. When you press on the paddle, brake shoes tightly engage with the rotor In order to break the momentum of the vehicle. An irritating noise produces due to the vibration coming out of brake components in the system. The most common reason is friction between different components in the system, such as connection of rivets in worn down brake pads exposed to the rotor. Brake pads and brake rotor/ disk are not the only reason for squeaky noise, there are multiple causes that lead brakes to squeal.

Why Do Brakes Squeak

There are many factors that cause brake to produce squeaky noise. Some common reasons are listed below:-

  • Worn down brake router
  • Groovy brake rotor (rare cases)
  • Worn out brake pads
  • Leaked wheel cylinders
  • Rivets come in contact with the rotor
  • Wear indicator (a safety tool for wear indication of brake pads)
  • Brake pads contact with rough or rusty edge of the rotor.
  • Rusty guide pins
  • Dust shields

Fixing Squeaking Brakes

There are multiple causes for squeaky brakes which need regular maintenance to uphold 100% serviceability of the vehicle and eliminate panic factor while driving.  Northside Radiator and Auto Care values its customers and do not over load their credit cards with unnecessary expends. In some cases only brake servicing fixes the problem and do not need component replacement but sometimes becomes imperative to replace worn down gears in order to keep brake components from major damages. Some common factors that may lead to squeaky brake noise are:-

  • Replacing the worn out brake pads with new ones
  • Replacing used up brake rotors with new ones
  • Contaminated brake shoes (only cleaning with sand paper can fix the noisy brakes)
  • Re-surfacing of groovy rotors or brake drum if the thickness manufacturer’s guide allows
  • Cleaning of rusty brake caliper
  • Cleaning of Dirty/ rusty Wheel hub which can cause rotor to sit unevenly, not only reduces the rotors life but also produces annoying noise.
  • Lubricating the moving parts such as guide pins, brake caliper bracket (where brake shoes make contact with brake calipers)
  • Replacing deteriorated dust shields with new ones
  • Sometimes using a high quality spare parts can fix the issue.
  • Checking brake fluid lines for leakage or seepage

Importance of brake servicing