Type: Monocrystalline Maximum Power: 80 Watts (2 x 40 Watt) Open Circuit Voltage:23.9 Volts Short Circuit Current: 4.39 Amps Maximum Power Voltage: 20 VoltsMaximum Power Current: 4 Amps Dimensions (Closed): 675mm(L) x 460mm(W) x 70mm(D) Dimensions (Open): 1,350mm(L) x 460mm(W) x 35mm(D) Operating Temp:-40° to 85°C Weight: 8.2kg  Conveniently folding into a portable carry case with collapsible legs to almost half the size, this solar panel can be used anywhere and easily relocated for maximum sun exposure. Also included is a heavy duty 6mm cable to reduce voltage drop, as well as a solar regulator making them ready to clip straight on to the battery. Available downloads:

Shipping and online ordering only available within Australia.