The perfect starter pack for anyone contemplating winching or snatching recoveries. Contained within a heavy duty storage bag is:

  • 8,000kg snatch strap
  • tree trunk protector
  • 2 x bow shackles
  • a pair of gloves

Size: 230mm(L) x 87mm(W) x 20mm(H) Snatch Strap – Rated to 8,000kg, the snatch strap is made of the highest quality nylon webbing that has been independently tested to at least 15% above their rated breaking strengths. Features heavy duty reinforced stitching, a red centre flag and protective Neoprene sleeves on each end. Tree Trunk Protector – A must for anyone doing any winching as it not only protects the tree from being ringbarked, but will also protect the winch rope from damage. Bow Shackles – An essential item when recovering vehicles, as they form a safe and secure attachment to the recovery points on a vehicle, tree trunk protector or winch extension. Leather Gloves– Whether using cable or rope in your recovery, you should always use quality leather gloves to prevent burns and hand damage. Available downloads:

Shipping and online ordering only available within Australia.