• Waterproof MPPT regulator • Suitable for solar panels up to 120 watts • LED indicators • Fully automatic Rated Current: 10 Amps Rated Voltage: 12/24 Volts Open Circuit of Solar Panel: <50 Volts Low Voltage Disconnection: 10.6/21.4 VoltsFloat Voltage: 13.75/28 Volts Low Voltage Reconnection: 12.6/25.2 Volts No Load Circuit: ≤25mA Operating Temp: -20° to 60°C Storage Temp: -30° to 70°CDimensions: 105mm(L) x 81mm(W) x 29mm (D) Mounting Hole Spacing: 51mm x 95mmWeight: 400g Battery Type: Wet Cell rechargeable only Available downloads:

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