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Northside Radiators and Auto Care— it’s a name that is trusted by the dwellers of Geebung. A brand that is older than half a century and has been trusted for Copper/Brass Radiators and Heater Cores (as Brett’s Northside Radiators), is now also a milestone in auto care. We’re proud to share that we are the most skilled experts in cooling, radiators and auto care service that you will ever find in Geebung.

And to make it even better, our staff delivers the world’s best customer service apart from, of course, excellent repair and maintenance service. 

If you are looking for a holistic automobile repair & maintenance service in Geebung, we’re it. We offer radiator repair & maintenance, car air conditioning service, car repair & maintenance, car brake repair,  log book service, suspension repair & replacement auto replacement parts, etc. We’re happy to help you with this and more.

Our Services

Air Conditioning

The best car AC mechanics in town? We have them and they are at your disposal. Any problem with your car’s air conditioning, we’re ready to fix it. It’s not for nothing that we’re known as the heating and cooling experts.

Brake Repairs

Looking for excellent Car brake service? Northside Radiators and Auto Care is the place for you. Trust is for service, repair, maintenance as well as replacement (if required) of your car brakes in the best possible manner.


Still spending a fortune on service from a manufacturer nominated service agency? Try our car maintenance log book service. We’ll save you the precious money and we’ll keep your car’s warranty intact.

Maintenance & Repairs

Northside Radiators and Auto Care is the best car repair shop in Geebung and our clients will vouch for it. You can trust us for all sorts of car repair and maintenance services.

Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Need new front and rear shock absorbers? Need repair, service or replacement of existing ones? Is the suspension troubling you? Let Northside fix it like there was never a problem.


There’s none other in Geebung who knows radiator repair like Northside Radiators and auto Care does. It is literally our middle name and we always live up to it.


1. How often should I get my car brakes serviced?

The answer is, often. Have them checked every time you get your car serviced. Apart from that, have them checked each time you get your car tires rotated.

2. How do I ensure that my car’s radiator is working fine?

While you must get its health checked during each scheduled car service, there are a few simple things you can ensure at your end. 

  • Checking and maintaining the coolant level.
  • Checking inside the engine hood for any outward anomalies before the beginning of summer and winter to check overheating.
  • Flushing the radiator every year. Your mechanic can do it for you.
3. What is the need for flushing the coolant?

The job of the coolant is to keep the engine from overheating. But just like car oil, it may break down and create sludge. And that stops it from doing its very job. It hangs heavy on the vehicle’s performance and causes the engine to overheat. This is why you need a coolant flush, to keep the coolant working fine by cleaning up the sludge.

4. Is a spongy brake dangerous?

Yes, very much. A spongy brake means there is air trapped inside the braking system. This air creates low pressure and prevents the transfer of the force on the brake shoe to the brake itself. This means that the brakes will not be able to create the friction they need for stopping your automobile safely.

So, yes, please get it fixed IMMEDIATELY.

5. What filter oil should I use?

It totally depends on the vehicle that you own. Your automobile manufacturer is the one who recommends what make and kind you must use.

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you Justin at Northside Radiators and Automotive...  Left my car to have new radiator, and a service to my Air Conditioner. All done without any fuss on time as promised. I have just been down the coast and back car is running like a charm and I enjoyed the comfort of the Air Con working as it should once again... I definitely recommend Northside Radiators and Automotive if you want the job done right, and on time, Justin is professional and goes that extra mile for his clients.... Support your local small Business

Robyn Smith


Fantastic customer service at a realistically fair price for quality workmanship.

Stephen Hammersley


Thanks to Justin for getting the old girl back on the road after an early morning collision with a roo. Justin gave a range of price options and excellent advice. Cheers!

Mark Galeano