Cooling System – Helpful Tip


  • never mix coolant brands
  • when fitting a new radiator, always flush engine and heater core
  • Flush cooling system yearly and use only manufacturer’s recommended coolant.


Rust and sludge don’t just form in your engine – your cooling system can fall victim as well. That’s why regularly flushing your radiator is another vital element of car maintenance – one that many hands-on car owners often overlook. Your car’s cooling system protects it from the extreme heat generated by the engine and keeps the engine itself operating within the proper temperature range. Keeping the cooling system free of rust, build-up and contaminants will help keep it and your engine in top working condition.

Fortunately, you don’t need to flush your radiator quite as often as you need to change your oil (once every 1-2 years should suffice), however this is dependent on you cars age and quality of its cooling system.

Come in and see me soon, so your car can get a new lease on life. It will be worth your while.

NB – Information care of my major supplier of coolant.