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Clayfield has come to know Northside Radiators and Auto Care as a reliable name over half a century. We’ve proven our mettle as a service provider for Copper/Brass Radiators and Heater Cores for a wide spectrum of automobiles, machinery, and equipment. We began as early as 1968 by the name of Brett’s Northside Radiators, a small family-owned business. We’ve worked hard since and earned the reputation that we have.  

Our unique selling proposition lies in our expertise as radiator and cooling experts, but our customers also love us for our impeccable customer service.

If you are looking for reliable car air conditioning and radiator repair & maintenance, car repair & maintenance, auto replacement parts, suspension repair & replacement, car brake repair, log book service, etc., in Clayfield, we’re the ones you need.

Our Services

Air Conditioning

Car air conditioning service is something you can totally rely on us for. The level of expertise we offer is not only top-rated but also unrivaled when it comes to quality and trust. And we’re not limited to only certain makes of cars.

Brake Repairs

Looking for car brake specialists in Clayfield? We’re right here. Trust us for repair, maintenance and replacement of your car brakes. Make your ride safe and smooth one for that matter.


Keen on saving big bucks and still maintaining your automobile’s warranty? Northside’s car logbook service is here to help. Our specialists stick to the owner’s manual and keep you warranty safe.

Maintenance & Repairs

Northside Radiators and Auto Care have a great reputation in Clayfield when it comes to car maintenance & repair service. And that is for a reason. Our skill & customer service are unmatched.

Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Need the best shock absorbers for your car? Or is it suspension repair and maintenance that you need?  We have all that you need—new shock absorbers, repair & service


Radiators are our way of life. We do everything radiators. If you need your car radiator to be fixed or replaced, we’re the ones you can rely on. Half a century of experience makes us a safe bet.


1. How can I ensure a properly maintained radiator at my end?

You can ensure a few simple things at your end:

  • Check the coolant level regularly and ensure that it is always adequate.
  • Keep a check especially before the beginning of summer as well as winter to prevent overheating.
  • If you know how to flush the radiator on your own, do it once a year. If not, please ensure that your car mechanic does it.
2. When and why do I need to replace my car’s radiator?

8-10 years is usually taken as a standard span. But radiators in modern cars may last even longer. So, only the owner’s manual can guide you for your particular car.

With time and use, radiators can face corrosion within the tubes, or faulty seals, or a cracked  tank, all of which can cause damage to the radiator. It then becomes necessary to repair or replace it lest it should cause damage to the entire automobile.

3. Is it mandatory to get service and repair from the dealership’s nominated agency?

While a large segment of buyers believes it to be so. Fortunately, it is not a mandate in order to maintain the warranty. The only mandate is to service the automobile according to the instructions in the log book.

You can leverage log book service from any trusted and reputed car maintenance service provider that is registered for its operations. With this, you can very well maintain your car’s warranty.

4. Is a spongy brake pedal normal?

No, it is not. In fact, it is a telltale sign that you need to see a car brake mechanic ASAP. a spongy brake, in all likelihood, indicates the presence of air in the hydraulic lines of the car’s braking system. This is what creates low hydraulic pressure, which means that the brake pads or shoes will be inefficient in applying the required force and create the requisite friction to stop the car safely.

This needs IMMEDIATE attention.

5. What does the colour of the coolant signify?

Nothing of significance, actually. The colour is merely an added dye, the colour of which differs from brand to brand. And no colour is better or worse. So, the colour should never be the criterion for choosing a good coolant; the suitability for a particular engine should be.

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you Justin at Northside Radiators and Automotive...  Left my car to have new radiator, and a service to my Air Conditioner. All done without any fuss on time as promised. I have just been down the coast and back car is running like a charm and I enjoyed the comfort of the Air Con working as it should once again... I definitely recommend Northside Radiators and Automotive if you want the job done right, and on time, Justin is professional and goes that extra mile for his clients.... Support your local small Business

Robyn Smith


Fantastic customer service at a realistically fair price for quality workmanship.

Stephen Hammersley


Thanks to Justin for getting the old girl back on the road after an early morning collision with a roo. Justin gave a range of price options and excellent advice. Cheers!

Mark Galeano