American Automobile Association conducted a study in 2017 which says every new car owner spends average $8500 annually in terms of fuel, depreciation, maintenance, and repair. Excluding the fuel cost a huge portion of this amount transfer’s to auto mechanics accounts for over charging, substandard spares, using improper tools and lack of knowledge about latest modifications in technology. Less experience of handling modern brands of cars and electronic tools also affect customer’s credit cards to a massive extent. The sentiments developed in car owners minds over the years make them skeptical about choosing a right mechanic for their car service. It is obvious that handing over keys to a random mechanic for repair is going to be disastrous for your investment which can hit hard in the long run.

How to Choose the Right Auto Mechanic

Right Auto Mechanic

Choosing a right mechanic for your vehicle replicates to finding a right physician for yourself. There are many aspects to consider while planning to pick a mechanic for your car service which includes knowledge of your brand of car, better resources for handling defective vehicles, access to quality spares, and pocket friendly services. Northside Radiator and Auto Care since its groundbreaking in 1968 is striving to strengthen personal bonds with customers by offering them smart services on justified price, quality spares and backing up with an enticing warranty offer on rework. Our skillful workforce is up to date with developments in automobile technology and latest electronic diagnostic tools. We endeavor to uphold the higher edge of quality standards formed by founders of NRAC. Customers’ testimonials and acknowledgements are precious gems we get in return for services Northside Radiator and Auto Care team has offered down the road. We admit we can’t reach out to everyone around the globe due to our limited resources therefore, we suggest a few points before choosing an auto mechanic for your car:-

  • Who has expertise of the brand you drive.
  • Who has Manufacturers’ certification.  
  • Who can handle electronic diagnostic gadgets
  • Who does not overcharge
  • Who delivers fast and standard services
  • Who follows technical manuals and manufacturers guides
  • Who does not intend to make shortcuts for time saving

How to Choose the Right Auto Workshop

Right Auto Workshop

In an automobile workshop you will find an orthodox family who is rigid on its stance and ignorant about its faults. Puts you under knife, ripping you off but you are helpless for not having a suitable alternative. To cater such circumstances governments step in to arbitrate between both sides and safeguard customer rights by imposing certain regulations and policies. A standard auto workshop displays these regulation in a visible place for customers’ insight.

Northside Radiator and Auto Care values a long-lasting relationship with customers over making bucks. Our customers get a friendly technical staff, reliable services and premium quality spares under one roof. Our state of the art equipment and skill on handling modern tools save customers a big portion of time and money. Sometimes for our regular customers visiting us is a matter of touch and go as we are familiar with their demands and the vehicles they own. What needs for an automobile workshop to meet AAA standards?

  • An automobile workshop who implements customer right policies.
  • An automobile workshop who offers services to bigger business
  • An automobile workshop who offers the best warranty
  • An automobile workshop who uses quality spare parts
  • An automobile workshop who clearly displays skills it has and services it can provide