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There are businesses that work for themselves, and there are those which like to work for the greater benefit. Northside Radiators and Auto Care is one among the latter. With humble beginnings as a family owned business (Brett’s Northside Radiators) starting in 1968, we have come to be trusted and valued among our customers in several locations, including Banyo. We specialise in repair and service of Copper/Brass Radiators and Heater Cores for just about any vehicle, machinery, or equipment as and when you require it.

With services that are worth what you pay for and the customer experience that adds even more value to our services, Northside is a name that our clientele can trust with their eyes closed.

Our clients in Banyo trust us for unrivaled services in car air conditioning,  radiator repair, car repair and maintenance, car brake repair, auto replacement parts, log book, shock absorber repair & replacement, etc. We have been delivering services par excellence and our clients stand testimony to it.

Our Services

Air Conditioning

Car air conditioning services are no longer a problem for Banyo. Be it an urgent job or a scheduled check, we are at it as promptly as you expect.

Brake Repairs

We’re the Car brake repair specialists in Banyo that people can trust with their eyes closed. We fix every problem there can be. Trust us for our confidence.


A trustworthy log book service provider can save you a fortune while you maintain your vehicle’s warranties. We’re that reliable service you need. 

Maintenance & Repairs

Car repair and maintenance may seem like a simple job but you need someone who can do it perfectly. Our experience is what you need for a perfect service.

Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Car shock absorbers, if left damaged for too long, can take a heavy toll on your car’s overall health. Trust us to fix it or replace it perfectly if and when needed.


Radiators is our middle name, literally. We do all things radiators, especially radiator repair. Our regular clientele in Banyo trust us for it and so should you.


1. I need to get my car’s radiator replaced. How long will a new one last?

Generally, any automobile’s radiator should last 3 years at the least and 8 to 10 years at the most, if taken very good care of. If you are regular with your vehicle’s services and follow good driving practices, the radiator is likely to last much more than 3 years if not 10.

2. Should I have a schedule for a radiator check even if I got my car’s regular annual service done?

The best of car repair and maintenance services in Banyo will make sure that they advise you about getting the radiator checked every 30,000 miles or every 5 years, whichever comes sooner. They will make sure to check your automobile’s radiator and coolant. If they do not, you should keep a track.

3. How would I know if my car's suspension or front/rear shock absorber is broken?

If it is the case, there are few clear indications that you will be able to notice right away.

  • You’ll feel that the car may pull to either side as you drive.
  • When the car is in a parked position, the corners (any) may look like they’re sitting low.
  • Braking becomes jerky causing a nosedive.
  • The curves make you feel a lot of body roll. There is no ease in steering.
  • Any or all shockers may be broken in case you fell even the slightest of bumps on the road while driving.
  • It may feel as if the car is squatting back as you accelerate.

If you notice all or any of these symptoms, it means there has been shocker or suspension damage.

4. Is it safe to get a log book service for my car?

It is safe as long as the service you hire is an expert and can be trusted. The trick is to go with a service that has a good reputation in terms of experience as well as customer service. At Northside, we make sure that we follow your car manufacturer’s directions for log book service in letter and spirit. That saves you the money that you would spend at the car agency for service (which is usually very high) while you can still maintain the warranties. 

5. How often should I go for an engine oil change for my car?

While most traditional car mechanics would recommend this frequency to be every 3000 miles, the truth is that the automotive advancement has made engines much more efficient than before. Some automakers now recommend oil change every 5,000-7,500 miles. A few may even go as far as 10,000-15,000 miles. Moral of the story? Stick to the owner’s manual of your car.

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you Justin at Northside Radiators and Automotive...  Left my car to have new radiator, and a service to my Air Conditioner. All done without any fuss on time as promised. I have just been down the coast and back car is running like a charm and I enjoyed the comfort of the Air Con working as it should once again... I definitely recommend Northside Radiators and Automotive if you want the job done right, and on time, Justin is professional and goes that extra mile for his clients.... Support your local small Business

Robyn Smith


Fantastic customer service at a realistically fair price for quality workmanship.

Stephen Hammersley


Thanks to Justin for getting the old girl back on the road after an early morning collision with a roo. Justin gave a range of price options and excellent advice. Cheers!

Mark Galeano