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Northside Radiators and Auto Care has been well reputed for more than half a century as Brett’s Northside Radiators. Our small family owned business was established in 1968 and has since grown to many locations, including Aspley. We always have and still specialize in Repair and Service of Copper/Brass Radiators and Heater Cores for as many varieties of vehicles, machinery, and equipment that you may need.

From a small repair and service business to an entity that is known for par excellence customer service, quality, and delivery, Northside Radiators and Auto Care has made a place in its customers’ lives.

We cater to our valued customers in Aspley with world class car air conditioning services, car brake repair, vehicle log book service, car repair and maintenance, shock absorbers, radiator repairs, truck radiators, auto replacement parts and more.

Our Services

Air Conditioning

Count on Northside for impeccable car air conditioning services to ensure that it keeps working in order no matter what the season.

Brake Repairs

Northside is the car brake repair specialists near you. We are equipped to deal with and repair all kinds of damage to your car brakes.


Trust us to service your car as per the log book requirements. You can bank on our log book service that maintains your vehicle’s warranties.

Maintenance & Repairs

With Northside, your car’s repair and maintenance are in the right hands, the ones that are skillful, experienced, and responsible.

Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Let us help you keep the suspension and shock absorbers of your car in top shape. Let us take care of your car’s stride.


Get all kinds of radiators repaired from us. We’re by far one of the most respected names in radiator repairs in Aspley.


1. How often should I get my car/machinery/equipment radiator checked?
It is actually the owner’s manual of your car/truck/machinery/equipment etc that prescribes the span after which the radiator needs service. Nevertheless, it is more of a general rule to get it checked and coolant serviced by our radiator repairs in Aspley around every 30,000 miles or every five years, whichever occurs first.
2. How often do I need car maintenance?
While generally, every car service recommends that you get your car’s maintenance and service scheduled at least once a year or every 10,000-12,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Apart from that, if you notice any unusual noise or smell from any part of the car, it is advisable to get it checked immediately.

3. How does a log book service save me money?
When your vehicle is serviced as per your vehicle manufacturer’s directives and specifications (vehicle service log book), your vehicle’s warranty can be maintained. That way, you won’t need to get your new vehicles serviced only by your dealer/agency just to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. You can get it serviced from the auto care provider that you trust.
4. Should I keep checking my car’s air conditioner regularly even if it’s working fine?
We recommend that you get your car’s air conditioning serviced at least every two years from Northside air conditioning services, even if it is functioning normally. Regular service ensures longer life of the component as well as efficient function.

This service must include the 25 point system check, no step of which should be missed; complete evacuation; oiling and dying (if needed); recharging the system to adequate level; and the last, but not the least, system performance test.

5. When should I replace my vehicle’s brake pads?
We generally take the wear out time of the brake pads to begin somewhere after the 20,000 to 30,000 miles. But there are several factors involved, so the mile mark may be different for vehicles that have been handled differently.

If the brake lag becomes evident to you or you notice a screeching or grinding sound, especially a high pitched one as you brake, schedule a check with your car brakes service.
Any delay can cause damage to the rotors which are expensive to replace.

6. When do I know that something is wrong with my car/truck suspension?
There are a score of telltale signs that indicate a bad/worn out/damaged suspension. You can easily find the signs of damaged suspension or shock absorbers online

  • You feel the pull to one side while driving
  • One of the corner sits low when parked
  • You face difficulty as you steer
  • You feel every bump on the road
  • The car squats to the back when you accelerate
  • The car nose dives when you brake
  • There is too much body roll as you cut a curve

If anything of the sort is happening, it’s time to get your car’s suspension checked.

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you Justin at Northside Radiators and Automotive...  Left my car to have new radiator, and a service to my Air Conditioner. All done without any fuss on time as promised. I have just been down the coast and back car is running like a charm and I enjoyed the comfort of the Air Con working as it should once again... I definitely recommend Northside Radiators and Automotive if you want the job done right, and on time, Justin is professional and goes that extra mile for his clients.... Support your local small Business

Robyn Smith


Fantastic customer service at a realistically fair price for quality workmanship.

Stephen Hammersley


Thanks to Justin for getting the old girl back on the road after an early morning collision with a roo. Justin gave a range of price options and excellent advice. Cheers!

Mark Galeano


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