Air Conditioning Helpful Tip

Air Conditioning Helpful Tip

Temperatures over 30 Degrees Celsius and high humidity can challenge your vehicle’s air conditioning system.  Below are five easy tips from the Northside Radiators and Air Conditioning (NSRA) to keep you and your passengers cool on the road.

1. If possible, leave the windows down slightly on hot days to reduce heat build-up.  An A/C system works by removing heat, so the cooler the interior is to start with, the easier and faster the A/C will do its job.

2. When you get in the car, open all the windows completely, or even open the doors, for a moment to vent the hot interior air quickly.

3. When you first turn the Air Conditioning on, set the controls to MAX or REC and use highest blower speed. This moves the greatest volume of air and re-circulates it for even faster cool-down.  As soon as you are comfortable, switch the system to NORM or OUTSIDE or FRESH, and select a lower fan speed. The lower blower speed produces colder the air from the system.


4. Does your cool air have a bad odour, perhaps like “dirty socks” or a gym locker? Remember to set the system to the OUTSIDE air mode (not REC) frequently to help prevent or lessen this problem.  NSRA do have an Air Conditioning sanitiser which is highly effective in remove odours.  This is also a DIY application.

5. Programmed Temperature Control frameworks work uniquely in contrast to manual frameworks. Perused your manager’s manual to increase comprehension of precisely how your framework functions. With most programmed frameworks, the fastest chill off drops by setting the temperature as low as it will go right away, then altering it later to occupant comfort.

The NSRA needs everybody to get the most comfort from their vehicle’s cooling system and have the capacity to perceive issues when they happen. A/C & Ventilating issues ought to be diagnosed by a Professional Service Facility with the best possible devices, preparing, and ensured professionals.