A pleasant cabin ambiance improves your performance and helps you maintain a good concentration towards driving. It sets a psychological impact to maintain long miles vigilance and keeps from panic. It also drives your potentials and boosts confidence for a prompt response to upcoming situations. Insofar a good cabin environment can turn an exhausting journey into an entertaining trip. A refreshing cabin atmosphere during a draining long drive depicts the worth of a good air conditioning system.

Air conditioner servicing is an important section of the scheduled maintenance. Unfortunately, minor anomalies in the system are hard to figure out during schedule servicing therefore, it’s important to take an extended inspection of your car AC separately. Air conditioning system consists of different components which include:-

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser
  3. Cooling Fan
  4. AC Filter
  5. Evaporator Coil
  6. Blower Fan

Maintenance of Air conditioner

Preventive measure taken to uphold the maximum serviceability of air conditioning system can keep you from indulging into a big economical toll. A good Car AC servicing shop can also save you a big amount of money and time. Car AC is prone to multiple defects, let’s break them down one by one:- 

Choked AC filter: – It’s the most common fault that an AC system encounters. Dirt, dust and debris clog the filter. A frequent cleaning of filter maintains air circulation in the cabin. This seemingly a small segment may cause a big damage to the system. A clogged filter overloads the compressor which if remained uncleansed for long can cause AC to breakdown.

Leakage in the system: – Refrigerant travels in the system through copper tubes. These tubes have joints at different points all over the air conditioning system. Whenever the leakage is reported it’s likely to be in joints. Locating minor leakages in the system before recharging refrigerant is not an easier task. There are special tools and tricks to identify those areas. A good air conditioning workshop must have those tools and expertise. The persisting leakage if not fixed can be a black hole for your earnings.

Condenser blockage: – Condenser is composed of thin copper tubes and fins designed to reduce the temperature of refrigerant. Small pieces of debris or dirt stick inside the fins over time which reduce the path of airflow through condenser. This blockage shrinks the performance and overloads the compressor. Less attention towards cleaning can end up being huge shock for your pocket

Damaged condenser: – As the condenser is designed with fragile copper tubes that weaken over time. A minor hit or a strong shock can damage the condenser. Most of the times a damaged condenser is hard to repair and needs replacement. Our prime quality condensers are guaranteed for best performance and longer life.

Faulty or noisy blower: – Blower inside the driver’s cabin provides gusts of cool air which sometimes produce abnormal noises. There could be numerous causes for them but in any case the blower needs repair or replacement. We provide once and for all repair/ replace services of blowers and follow up rework in case of any complaint which we rarely receive.

Electrical components malfunction: – Electrical circuit in air conditioning system consists of:-

  • Electric wires
  • Fuses
  • Solenoid relays
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Regulator

Any abnormality in these components can dysfunction the air conditioner. At our work shop we check and remove electrical faults of the entire air conditioning system.

Faulty cooling fans. Cooling fan is installed behind the condenser coil for cooling hot refrigerant passing through the condenser. Being external part of the system this fan is prone to damage and unserviceability. A faulty cooling fan overloads the compressor which in the long run can cause a debilitating financial hit. Replacing faulty cooling fan increases the cooling effects in the cabin.

Faulty Compressor: – compressor is the heart of the entire air conditioning system. It is generally robust and hard duty component and does not fail at its own. Mostly the culprits behind compressor malfunction are external factors such as broken or damaged compressor belt, blocked filter, faulty cooling fan, or leakage in the system that cause it to over work and get flat. A regular inspection reduces the chances of major defects in the system.

In order to keep the air conditioning system at its optimum serviceability a comprehensive check is imperative. We at Northside Radiator and Auto Care take care of every segment of car repair and maintenance servicing. What makes us stand ahead of others is our AAA qualified work force, state of the art testing equipment, premium quality replaceable parts and absolutely economical pricing. We trust in building long lasting relationship with our valuable customers.