Heavy Equipment and Mining


Northside Radiators and Air Conditioning (NSRA) are always increasing products and services in all industries.  NSRA have been supplying Radiators, Oil Coolers, Intercoolers and Charged Air Coolers for over 20 years and always stand behind the products we sell.  NSRA supply the right producys at the right price to ensure our clients are looked after.

NSRA have aimed to cover all aspects of passenger, commercial and heavy equipment.  Heavy Equipment is definately where Transport/Haulage Industries, Mobile Lifting Equipment industries, Construction/Quaries/Mining Industries make their money, so NSRA strives to have the clients job in and out of the workshop door as fast as possible to ensure the downtime of machinery/plant/equipment is kept to a minimum.

NSRA uses only the best quality material to produce your requirements.  Whether it be Brass/Copper, Aluminium or Plastic/Aluminium consytruction, NSRA can fulfil and exceed your expectations.  NSRA has a vast array of products to offer from the smallest Heater Core to the Largest Radiator core.  NSRA also supplies Transmission Oil Coolers, Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Charge Air Coolers, Brake/Axle Coolers, Steering Oil Coolers for a wide range of Plant and Equipment including but not limited to big brands such as ATLAS COPCO, DRILLTECH, ELPHINSTONE, DAEWOO, CATERPILLAR, INGERSOLE RAND, DEUTZ, CUMMINS, HITACHI just to name a few.....and the list goes on.